How to Improve the speed of you Jira

Improving the speed of your Jira Instance can be challenging task. If you have a Jira Cloud most likely the problem is related to a Plugin, API requests or even Cloud provided by Atlassian.

For the Jira Server it’s little more complex but often the speed of your Jira instance is related to the server spec or virtualisation. Unfortunately becaso of Java, Jira don’t like to be runn in Docker, Vmware or other virtualisation containers. 

In this short post I will help you to dignose and resolve the isse.

If your Jira Server slowing down, make sure you have enough especialy more than 8GB of Ram and decent CPU (Never use Atom)

Regarding your Server spec make sure it’s decen machine. I will provide you spec of my current server which is installed on Linux Ubuntu 18.04

  • 4x CPU Intel Xeon
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 250GB SSD Drive
  • 1GB Intenet connection


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