Agile Training Consulting on Jira 

High Value Training, Set up & Best Practice Support

Our 5 Day Jira Consulting package delivers a tailored service in bite-sized, manageable chunks. Whether you are new to Jira or want to get more from this software, your team can benefit from my expertise.

The 5 Day Jira consultancy package will cover:

Agile Training on Jira

In sharing my knowledge and expertise I will ensure that everyone in your team understands how to use JIRA effectively. No matter what your current level, I can provide relevant information, practical support and answer your questions.

Set Up

Michael will set up Jira Software and help your team to plan the implementation and make informed decisions on such aspects as hosting. I am happy to go over the details until you feel confident that you have a workable system that meets your requirements.


Whether you are new to Jira, or an existing user, my Jira consultancy will help you optimise the benefits that it offers your team in the work place. By understanding your company goals and systems, developing custom workflows and processes and integrating Jira with other systems, I will ensure that you gain maximum value from this tool.

Jira Best Practice

Instilling best practice helps everyone to gain maximum advantage from Jira software. It helps the team to work efficiently, deliver quality results and minimises the risk of admin issues affecting output. When the team and the technology are working in alignment, performance will be enhanced.

Jira & Confluence Reports

Project management is simplified with the use of Jira & Confluence Reports. With my assistance it will be straight forward to gather statistics on specific projects, people and versions for on-going progress monitoring.

My 5 Day Jira Consultancy will be tailored to your requirements and would typically cover:

  • Jira Agile
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Confluence
  • HipChat
  • BitBucket

Let us support you to:

  • Identify the correct scheme and permission structure
  • Configure users and groups to your requirements
  • Assess current performance, diagnose issues and make necessary improvements
  • Simplify and customise workflows
  • Provide advice on plugins, upgrades and secure systems
  • Fully integrate JIRA with other Atlassian tools

A 5 Day JIRA Consulting package will ensure your team can absorb the information and put it into practice whilst I am on hand. This increases the knowledge that they absorb and the chance of sustainable changes to be implemented. It also helps me to understand the needs of your company, so I can deliver a personalised service.