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Course Enrolments close on March 30th 2020


This is not a regular, boring and empty Jira training.

We have real life instances and always fresh course content.

​Do you want quick solutions for Jira Agile?

​Do you need a fast and effective training program for yourself and for your team?

​Would you like to carry yourself with confidence and tell you always use the most optimal strategy possible?

Jira looks like a relatively simple project management tool. However, it is not! People often say that all roads lead to Rome but we believe this is not true when it comes to Jira.

Have you ever been stuck with a relatively simple problem in Jira? Let’s say, do you know how to optimize your workflow so that it will fit into all requirements or how to see the backlog for activities for the whole project? 

You have been looking for the correct answer on YouTube or Atlassian forums but lack of luck? You may even think that Jira is a useless tool that is unable to do anything and it is high time you changed the software. 

Does it sound like you? Well, that sounds familiar to me as I was using the same sentences a few years ago and I was sure that Jira is just a counterproductive, nonsensical and feckless program and I should upgrade myself to a better solution.

With the right setup as I call it “the MKJ method”, you can save a lot of time and a bit of your nerves. I have been using Jira for the last nine years and it still keeps surprising me. Chiefly when I have to do a bit more advanced configuration such as Workflow validators or Condition Setup.

Jira, sadly, is an enormously complex tool. Yet, you can learn what the right way to set a Scrum Project is or how to set screens and custom fields in the blink of an eye with my help! I provide you with templates and shortcuts as well. You will grasp why creating a project with a pre-set templates and patterns is the fastest way going to the most ideal configuration.

Have you got problems in coping with reports? I am genuinely opinionated that built-in reports in Jira are nothing but run-of-the-mill. Still, it provides opportunity to solve it nimbly with the help of filters, Dashboards and Confluence integration.

I also offer to show you all the needed plugins and how to avert common mistakes, including Advanced workflows misconception.

You do not need to spend your long and precious days looking for an answer on YouTube or some forums. I give authentic examples so that you learn the easiest path from point A to point B.

How to Start With Jira Agile FAST!

Jira Training Online is here to help Scrum Masters, Managers, Product Owners and Developers. If Jira is too challenging for you or want to extend your knowledge about Jira, this course is for you!

We offer you authentic examples, I will guide you through your adventure from basic to more advanced topics. For example, you will know workflows configurations, custom fields setup, reports and even Confluence Integration by the end of the course.

I also provide services with Jira Live Calls. You can ask me ANY question about Jira on those calls. All my materials are fresh and original and they will be supplied continuously to keep it fresh!

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 60% discount !

Here is What You Will Receive After Signing Up

You will get an email with your login details to the learning portal and you can start watching video lessons, downloading spreadsheets and adding comments right away. Apart from that, you are going to gain access to a private Facebook group in which you can talk to other members. Do not forget to sign up for our Jira Live Calls

If you decide to enrich your learning with one-on-one coaching, you will be able to book a call.

Plenty of Real-Life Instances

Many technical training courses are quite short on providing proper examples. So, this course offers plenty of Real-Life, authentic and credible scenarios. In addition to that, most of the video lessons are no longer than 15 minutes. Test your knowledge with the quizzes I prepared for you.

24/7 Access to Training Materials

Our platform is available around the clock so, you can watch and discuss course topics whenever you want! You can also watch them on your tablet, laptop or phones.

Jira Coaching in small group

All students have access to Jira Live Calls. We will talk about Plugins, excellent workflow configurations and other subjects in small groups. These calls are two times a month. We will be able to talk about your case, as well.

Discount for Offline Jira Classes

Would you like to learn Jira in a classroom environment? We offer public and private classes to address your needs. Online students can receive a discount up to 50 percent for selected Jira training sessions in classrooms. For more details, check out the website.

This is what the students think of our course!

Check out what other people tell about the course

Anna Fisher


Really helpful and fresh content

The course is excellent, I'm new to Jira, but so far I'm happy. A lot of good examples especially about Workflows and how to create shared dashboard. I'm still learning about more advances subject which is Validators and Conditions. Also, last call was very interesting. I need to start looking at the Confluence now


Scrum Master

Thank you, Jira is not scary anymore

Very good content, especially for me as I'm looking for little more advanced subjects including workflows, custom fields and kanban board configuration. I'm waiting for more modules about Confluence too

Andrew Howard


Great course, I could find any better on the Internet

I'm pleased 5 stars from me. I know Jira well so don't need to watch basic training however scripts and workflow videos are good. Just solved my biggest problem with permissions. 

Here is How it Works

4 Main Modules that will help you maximise your Jira Agile Experience


Module 1: Jira Basics

Are you a beginner in Jira? Then, we have a great module or you! Are you struggling with Jira hosting or have no idea how the main interface works? You will have an explanation of Jira Basics including Dashboards, projects structure issue and how people in reality work with Jira. You will have the opportunity to create your first project fast!


Module 2: Scrum and Kanban in Jira Super Fast!

If you are a Scrum Master or Manager, this module is built for your needs. Abundance of real-life examples navigates you through while you configure your Scrum or Kanban project. Sprint planning is a tough nut to crack but my method will simplify it. You will learn how to organise and finish Sprint and more, how to move sprint report to the Confluence.


Module 3: Search and Dashboards 

Search and Dashboards setup in Jira is a must for a Scrum Master, Manager or Product owner’s day at work. In this programme, you will be using many real-life instances. You will be presented how to switch from basic to advanced search functionality in a heartbeat. You will learn how to convert a saved filter into a Dashboard gadget in less than three clicks.


Module 4: More Advanced Configuration

Would you like to know how to create Custom Fields, use Validators, Conditions or Screens rapidly? Authentic examples will assist your learning process in how to add expert level elements to your Jira workflow instantly. I will explain the permission in Jira. It will take only 10 minutes until you master how to set a restriction.


Yes, we have a number of special bonuses, too!

Bonus 1
Constantly Updated Content

Atlassian Jira is an ever-changing product. Therefore, I keep all the content fresh and original and I offer provision and update regularly.

Not only does Jira Server receive these updates, but also Cloud and other products such as Confluence are updated too. Besides, you will gain access to the Jira Cookbook (Live Calls) which are recorded twice a month.

Bonus 2
Jira Coaching Calls

All members access to Jira Live Calls for free and we talk about the issues we actually experience and we find solutions to these issues.

For example, we discuss managing multiple projects in Jira or must-have plugins. For the full list, you can check the list below. Once you submit your issue online, we can solve your issue as well!

Bonus 3
A Private Facebook Group

If you would like to talk to other Jira Users or Scrum Masters, you will be able to do it through our private group on Facebook

We share useful articles, video tutorials and high-quality content in the group and examine our problems, plug-ins and many more issues.

You will discover with our Jira Live Calls:

(Just few examples as the full list includes 30+ ​Instances)

  • How to set Permission level in Jira Fast so that you can restrict people from accessing to your project. The tricks of using Groups and Roles and configuring the Global Permission Scheme. Both Jira Server and Cloud are included.
  • How to optimise Scrum or Kanban Project Fast (board configuration, streamlined workflows and reports)
  • Next-Gen projects in Jira Cloud (Scrum and Kanban) - configuration, setup and optimisation.
  • Advanced Workflow configuration based on real-life examples. How to convert simplified workflow and set Scrum / Kanban boards quickly but precisely.
  • Multiple Workflows and Screens, or issue type. Tricks of setting three different workflows for the same project in minutes. For instance, a different workflow for Story, Bug or Task - plus setting screens in the best possible way.
  • The most desirable way to handle multiple projects in Jira - Genuine scenarios on how to operate multiple projects in Jira (Server and Cloud). A brief introduction to Jira Portfolio. Furthermore, more advanced approach to Filters, Components, Boards and Dashboards.
  • Screens and Custom Fields in Jira for Scrum, Kanban, and others - best practices and case studies.
  • Configure numerous Scrum and Kanban boards using Components. How to set a new board for all departments such as front-end, back-end or QA team.

About The Course Teacher,
(Michael Kittay-Jurdyga)

I started using Jira when it was taking its baby steps while working for BBC. I love both programming and project management. Jira helped me greatly do both of them more efficiently.

As I realised how powerful Jira was as a tool, I spent years becoming an expert.

Using Atlassian products to run my own business and lecturing big corporations on how to use Atlassian products, I founded Agile Training UK to teach others how to use Jira, Confluence and Service Desk more effectively.

I love working with the Atlassian products since they have a beyond-belief reach, fantastic configuration options, a straightforward interface and top-level customer service.

I also love showing people how to maximise their knowledge about the Atlassian softwares.

For these reasons, I started Agile Training UK. I am strongly of the belief that my skills and enthusiasms can assist you make the most out of the Atlassian products too.

Here is what people say about the course



Nice module structure easy to follow

Straightforward to follow and precise instructions. I hope that more advanced subjects will cover Validators and Conditions.


Team Manager and SM

Good for more advanced Jira users

I skipped all basic stuff; however, Jira Scenarios are looking very promising. I just learned about Jira plugins and how to set validations in less than 2 hours.


SM and PO

I'm not disappointed

So far, so good, I'm just in the beginning, Michael seems to be a good teacher.


​Soon, you are going to see the offer. Before that, I would like to put this training programme in context and take some examples of different individual products. Objectively speaking, you will gain access to constantly fresh content, a private Facebook group and Jira Live Calls that we talk about Real-Life Scenarios (a short list above)

-The same Jira Training Course but in the classroom or over a webinar costs between £1200 and £2500.
-Private Facebook group access costs £600

-Cheat Sheets and Checklists to allow you copy-paste your project setup and requirements cost £150
-Access to all recordings for a year costs between £1000 and £2000

The total cost is way more than £5000. However, all these materials and bonuses are included in the price. Apart from that, you do not need to worry about the outdated content or lack of support. If you still cannot find the solution to your problem, you can post it through and we will talk about it on our Jira Live Calls.

Indeed, you can learn everything about Jira yourself just as I did watching YouTube tutorials and reading the manual. The downside is that you will spend way more time and lack of experience.

It took me weeks to master more advanced workflows configuration as the documents were not clear and the video tutorials for that specific topic were impossible to find.

That is why I included all my experience and the best bits into the course so that you can master Jira fast.

How to start with Jira Fast

Jira Agile Training Course with support




  • 1 year access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 3 x bonuses
  • Content update
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community Group
  • 30 min Consultation 
How to start with Jira Fast

Jira Training Course + 2h of Consulting




  • 1 year access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 3 bonuses
  • Content update
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community Group
  • 2x1h 1-On-1 Coaching call

Course Enrollments close on March 30th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you are not happy with the How to Start With Jira Fast training programme for any reason, just let me know. No hard feelings and I will provide you with the full refund within a month. All you need to do is to give me a feedback and I need to see you have started the course.

Do not wait! Look at what past students tell about this course

Dean G.

SM and Manager

Scrum subject is very well covered 

I'm experienced SM but this is really good course. Agile Scrum is very well covered even for more advanced topics. I'm waiting for Confluence Integration lesson now. 

Martha Z.

University student

I'm very new to Jira but this work well.

I'm very new to Jira sto still learning but first 2 modules are good for me

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Agile Training right for me?

Can I get full refund?

Do I need to know how to install Jira?

Is the training up to date?

How long do I have access to the course?

Can I share my account?

regular course

Jira Agile Training Course with FB support




  • 1 Year Course Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 3 x bonuses
  • Content Update
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community Group
  • 15 min Consultation 
Advanced course

Jira Training Course + 2 hours of Consulting




  • 1 Year Course Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 3 x bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call
  • 2 hours One-on-one Coaching call

Don't Wait, Start Learning Jira NOW!

Do not procrastinate! There is never going to be a better time to start learning Jira Agile or Confluence than right now. With my help and the community’s support, you can take your Jira knowledge through the roof. If you are determined to take action, 4-6 weeks is enough to specialise in subjects. I spent almost three years preparing all the materials in this course, video lessons and cheat sheets. You can make sure that you will see the most up-to-date content. Scroll up and hit the button ENROLL NOW! I hope to see you in our portal section soon.

Course Content Preview

There is a selected number of topic examples below. You will be accessing to four modules which are split into smaller subsections (6 modules in total). All webinars and Jira Real-Life Scenarios that we will talk about during our Jira Live Calls as well.

Jira Basics

  • Dashboard and the main interface
  • How to create project Fast!
  • Issue View
  • How to work with People in Jira
  • Your first Project in Jira

Jira Kanban

  • Backlog setup in in Kanban project
  • How to start with Workflows
  • Quick filters and Swimlanes
  • How to user Components
  • Versions in Kanban

How to Start with Scrum

  • Scrum Methodology overview
  • Spring planning like a Boss
  • Scrum Board Config
  • How to use swimlanes and quick filters
  • Epics in Scrum the right way

More Advanced Subjects

  • Advanced Workflow Configuration
  • How to use Validators
  • How to use Conditions
  • Post Functions with Examples
  • Permissions in Jira