Why Agile Training uses Jira

If you are in the business of software or App development, then Jira is one of the leading tools to simplify your project management. Developed by Australian company Atlassian, Jira is an efficient tracking tool that will help to ensure that each and every project follows defined steps through to completion.

How does Jira Work?

  • Jira includes a set process that software development project typically have to progress through. You can customise this to ensure it matches your internal systems and preferred means of working.
  • Each new job begins with a project creation, which is a short admin task which moves the project to an open or live status.
  • As each step in the process is completed, the project moves to its next phase. This movement through a series of set stages is referred to as Workflow.

What are the Main Benefits of Jira?

  • At any point in time, it is possible to get a clear picture of progress. With search criteria it’s simple to tack individual projects, individual members of the team or gather an overview of the current workload.
  • Jira also helps to track bugs, which makes it an essential tool in software development.
  • With Jira you can view trends to identify patterns, which can help with allocating resources, identifying reoccurring problems and ways to streamline the process.

Need Jira Training?

If you decide to invest, Agile Training provides Jira training that is tailored to your needs. From an introductory session for beginners, to Jira for more experienced users, our training will ensure that you get the most from this tool.