Agile Training provides training on how to efficiently use Jira Service Desk

What is Jira Service Desk?

Put simply, Jira Service Desk is a hosted helpdesk solution with integrated mail handling, reporting and workflow tool.

Any helpdesk team can receive multiple requests for help, so a system is needed to ensure that every request is received, processed and resolved efficiently. Jira Service Desk is that system.

How does Jira Service Desk work?

    • It begins with an admin task; inputting the names of the technician and customising the process if the 5 stage standard process (open, in progress, resolved, closed and reopened) isn’t sufficient for your internal requirements.
    • Each request is received via an electronic form or email. This is referred to as a New Ticket and is automatically assigned to a technician.
  • When the technician begins working on the ticket, the status changes and an email is automatically sent to the customer to notify them of the status (technicians have the option to add comments, which are sent with the email).

What are the Main Benefits of Jira Service Desk?

    • At any point in time, it is possible to review the current activity stream and generate reports. The reports can clarify the number of outstanding requests, the time to resolution or the work undertaken by individual technicians. This can help to determine the best allocation of resources.
    • The reports provide a valuable management tool and can help to identify issues within the process. As an example, a technician with a high percentage of reopened tickets could indicate the need for further training, or a large volume of open tickets could suggest the need for additional staff.
  • The automated mail handling and reporting features helps technicians and managers to allocate more time to resolving technical problems, rather than admin.

How can I Find out More about Jira Service Desk?

Jira Service Desk offers new users a free trial. It is straight forward to set up, so you can put the trial to the test almost immediately. This is the ideal way of finding out if it meets your project management requirements, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether it’s beneficial.

Need Jira Service Desk Training?

If you decide to sign up for Jira Service Desk, Agile Training provides Service Desk training that is tailored to your needs. From an introductory session for beginners, to Jira for more experienced users, we will ensure that you get the most from this tool.