How to Start with Jira Permissions Fast

3 Lessons Intermediate

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Are you struggling to set a private project in Jira?

This Training is dedicated to project Permissions in Jira. I will be using Jira Server; however, all steps will work on Jira Cloud as well (with two exceptions, but I will explain to you in more details during the course).

This Training is based on a real-life example, and I will show you how to set a private project from scratch.

You will also learn how to configure roles and groups, including the difference between a project role and group. Next, we will focus on global permissions and why it's so important to add your role/group to it.

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Hey, it's Michael. Setting a "private" project in Jira may think little complex, and yes I agree. By default, Jira is 100% open to any project but with just a few steps I will show how to change is quick. You can also create a template so in the future this process can be much faster. 


Introduction to Permisison in Jira

In this lesson, I will explain to you how to work with permission also how to set up a new scheme and why it's so important. Later you can use it as the template. 


Private project Setup

This lesson is 100% based on a real-life example. I will show you how to set your private project in less than 10 min. I will also explain to you about project roles and groups. Jira Cloud and server will work in the same way


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